ECM and wagon rental company

One of Europe’s leading provider of freight wagon systems has PMU sensors mounted on a selection of their wagons.


The ECM and wagon rental company specializes in rental and management of freight wagons for rail traffic.  


The company is both a wagon owner and an ECM, and rents freight wagons to railway companies. As wagon owners, they have the need to constantly monitor their assets. As an ECM, they must be able to detect and analyze various faults indicated and also understand the maintenance status of their fleet. They also need to know the geographical area in which the asset operate at the moment.


Our cooperation with the company entails PMU sensors mounted on a selection of wagons leased by one of their customers in Sweden.


The company is right now running a pilot project, evaluating the capabilities of the PMU platform. They are measuring the solution’s ability to communicate with other systems, the GPS functionality, the accuracy in detecting wheel flats and other instabilities in real time and much more.