Who benefits from our technology?

Train owners, train operators, infrastructure owners and operators all have different needs of data and information. RMD is the first company with a comprehensive solution that covers the entire market, making it possible to predict and detect damage and maintenance needs in real time.

Asset Management made easy

Monitor assets live

Our solutions make it possible for our customers to monitor their assets live or day-to-day – regardless of whether they are train owners, train operators, maintenance organisations or infrastructure owners. This is an integral part for anyone who wants a true Asset Management System for Fleet Management or Infrastructure Management.

  Train status Rail failure GPS
Railway Operators X X X
Infrastructure owners X
Locomotive owners X X

Railway Operators

All kinds of operators – freight or passenger as well as metro and tram operators benefits of using the Realtime Metrics and Dynamics system:

  • Monitor the status of the fleet.
  • Use diagnostics and predictions to plan maintenance and maximise the vehicles run time.
  • Additional service: Streamline the sorting of wagons – and maximise each wagons run time

Rolling Stock Owners

Locomotive and wagon owners, who rent out equipment to railway operators, also get advantages from the system:

  • Track the lessee’s use and maintenance of the equipment.
  • Monitor the heavy maintenance.

Infrastructure Owners

The owner and manager of the infrastructure can get valuable information:

  • Analyse vibration patterns and detect rail degeneration.
  • Receive online reports of the track status with diagnostics and predictions
  • Optimise maintenance and maximise the railways runtime.

Entity in Charge of Maintenance

Organisations that are responsible for the maintenance of railway vehicles also gains from using data from the RMD system:

  • Predictions allows a more efficient maintenance planning.
  • Optimised spare parts purchases.
  • Track, monitor and manage locos and carriages in real time.