Our History

Railway Metrics and Dynamics is an industry pioneer. We have developed a unique sensor (PMU) that in real time identifies movement patterns and measures acceleration in three dimensions. All these movements are verified against our unique algorithms. The more data we collect together with other industry partners – and the more PMU’s that are installed over the world – the better the analysis and the more efficient our system will be.



Railway Metrics and Dynamics AB was founded in Sweden in 2011 by Howard McCall, Jack Long, Jan Lindqvist and Helmuth Kristen.


The idea behind the unique product, the PMU-sensor (Performance Monitoring Unit), was born when a railway company had problems with wheel flats, when wheels get stuck in fixed position and are deformed by friction. In turn, the wheel deformation can cause significant damage to the tracks, with major traffic delays as a consequence.


The PMU was patented in 2016 in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia and the United States. Since then, it has been optimised for serial production and the first series are already delivered and installed at a customer in Sweden.


During the first five years of operation, the founders concentrated on research, development, design and testing. During the sixth year, the company changed focus and started serial production of the PMU. At the same time, several alternative areas of use became clear.


A Machine Learning Lab for continuous development of algorithms and software has recently been established in Stockholm.


The goal now is to take the next step and apply new types of solutions in more industries than railroad, as the technology can detect and predict faults on both fixed and mobile infrastructure.