We are pioneers

We make your business more secure, efficient and profitable with a unique and patented technology that enables you to manage all your assets predictively and proactively instead of reactively.

We are the future standard of digital monitoring and analysis

Railway Metrics and Dynamics

We develop and sell a comprehensive platform for real-time analysis and monitoring of both rolling stock and infrastructure. Our solution makes up the hub for data collection and analysis – and makes it possible to manage all types of assets proactively and predictively. With unique algorithms and a patented system, we increase safety, punctuality and efficiency within transport and infrastructure.

Digitisation in progress

Today, all parts of the transportation and infrastructure business are undergoing a full-scale digitisation. Everything from railway carriages to fixed infrastructure is step by step being connected – to build the smart and innovative systems of the future. But much more needs to be done to reach all the way.

Sensors must be installed on vehicles and infrastructure and all kinds of data must be collected for analysis and appropriate measures. This data also needs be shared in completely new ways to enable a condition-based and predictive maintenance system.

Robust and long-term solutions

Railway Metrics and Dynamics has an important role to play in the digitalisation of the railroad. Our customers are looking for safe and efficient sustainable solutions in often very competitive markets. We can contribute to a sustainable business environment by designing, building and maintaining robust and long-term solutions. We are passionate about helping and finding the right solutions for maintenance and efficiency.