Optimized Technology

All parts of our platform are optimized for their purpose – and constantly developed and improved.

Well-tested technology – in a unique application

RMD’s sensor technology is based on accelerometers, which have been used in the testing and approval of railway cars for decades. However, the patented PMU is the first device to use the technology to make real-time analyses of the railway track and rolling stock.

Highly resilient sensor

RMD’s real-time sensor, the Performance Monitoring Unit, is developed to withstand the harsh environment underneath or on top a railway carriage. In addition, its power consumption is optimised, with a battery life of six years. This means that the sensor is virtually maintenance free.

Machine Learning Lab

To ensure RMD’s objective to continuously improve the reliability in detections and predictions, we have established a Machine Learning Lab for the continued development of our sophisticated algorithms.

RailNet Europe Standard

RMD’s system is one of few that is compliant with RailNet Europe’s technical standard Common Interface, which dictates how information must be structured to be able to be shared between different systems in the railway industry.