Wireless rear view train camera

Safe and efficient train reversing with a standalone camera: Real time video feed streamed wireless to RMD Dashboard in the locomotive cab.


  • Efficient reversing. Train driver handles reversing in line traffic by oneself.
  • Safety. Great backward visibility without needs for an unprotected signalman at the end of the train.
  • Economy. Lower personnel costs as there are no need for a signalman.

How it works

  • Magnet mounting. Easy and fast mounting with a super strong magnet.
  • Battery powered. Powerful 8 000 mAh battery – easy to recharge in the locomotive when not in use.
  • Video streaming. Real time online video feed through 4G or 5G (WiFi optional addon) to any device with a browser through WebRTC – to the locomotive cab and, if desired, to the traffic management or traffic control.
  • Backlog. All train revers movements can be stored for later use.

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