VÄTE Rail digitalizes its railway fleet with sensors from RMD

VÄTE Rail, experts in shunting, terminal services, and train hauling, is now equipping its locomotives and wagons with PMU sensors from Railway Metrics and Dynamics. The total order value amounts to just over 3 million SEK, spread over three years.

​The company, initially founded on shunting services, now also offers train hauling, terminal services, and combined terminal services. The group consists of the parent company Prouisum Holding AB and its three subsidiaries: VÄTE Rail AB, VÄTE Trafik AB, and VÄTE Teknik AB, employing a team of over 100 people.

VÄTE Rail early adopter of rear-view cameras

The relationship with Railway Metrics and Dynamics has always been close. At the end of 2023, VÄTE Rail purchased rear-view cameras from RMD for its locomotives – primarily to eliminate risky tasks and free up shunting staff from the footplates during reversing. The cameras are currently being tested in Trelleborg, where VÄTE Rail loads and unloads train ferries with trains up to 600 meters long.

Now it’s time to take the next step. 90 wagons and 20 locomotives are being equipped with PMUs (Performance Monitoring Units). The sensors are smart devices that communicate with each other and whose data is visualized on a dashboard in RMD’s self-developed Train Management System.

Digitalization provides full control

The PMUs come to life and appear in the system as soon as the locomotive starts. This way, you always know how many hours the rolling stock has been used – which is important for carrying out planned maintenance. In shunting and terminal operations, it is especially valuable that the PMUs also record and log impacts from careless loading or overloading.

– Now we will have full control over our entire fleet – from Trelleborg to Sundsvall. We will know exactly where our wagons are and if any wagon needs to be shunted out for maintenance, says Jan G. Forslund, CEO of VÄTE Rail.

With RMD’s Train Management System and dashboard, the information is collected and becomes clear, which facilitates shunting operations – even if the shunting is carried out by a subcontractor.

We will even know on which track our wagons are at different terminals. This will save an enormous amount of time, which we can instead spend on doing the right things.


Jan G. Forslund, CEO of VÄTE Rail

– Now we will have a support system that works and helps us along the way, while we eliminate the risk of errors that always exist when people are involved. At the same time, we facilitate driver tasks and get statistics on everything, continues Jan.

– The digitalization we are now implementing with RMD’s sensors and Train Management System positions us well for the future. It is good support for continued growth, and if in the future there are requirements for operators to report data, for example to the Swedish Transport Administration, we are already prepared, concludes Jan G. Forslund.

The PMU sensors are currently being configured. Delivery and installation will take place during the autumn of 2024. The initial contract runs for three years and thus corresponds to an order value of 3 million SEK.

– But my hope is that the contract will be extended and run for many, many more years, concludes Jan G. Forslund.

Now we will have full control over our entire fleet – from Trelleborg to Sundsvall. We will know exactly where our wagons are and if any wagon needs to be shunted out for maintenance.

Jan G. Forslund


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