Pre-serie PMU-units delivered from Cicor

As the first pre-series batch of PMU-sensors have been delivered, we can further refine the PMU
algorithm. This means that the sensor is soon ready for market introduction.

The collaboration with our manufacturing partner Cicor in Switzerland during 2019 have met – and exceeded – our expectations. We are happy to report that in January 2020 the first pre-series consisting of 20 units of the Performance Monitoring Unit (PMU) have been delivered. Fourteen of these have been mounted at the boogies of seven carriages. These are operated by our collaboration partner TX Logistik and runs primarily between Malmö in the south of Sweden, to Bro that lies just north of Stockholm.

Customised circuit board

In the test-versions of the PMU we used an off-shelf circuit board. In the pre-series this is replaced with a customised circuit board with customised software. These changes will reduce the production cost of the finished product, as well as optimise the energy consumption and enable a battery life of five years – even though the sensor now houses an energy consuming GPS.

New collaboration with data analysing experts

The cloud software is developed by our new collaboration partner Omicron, a Swedish IT-consultant company with an expertise within data collection, machine learning and analyses of rail data. Now, they are moving on to analyse the data from all the sensors – both the pre-series and the previous test versions of the sensor that are mounted on TX Logistik vehicles.

Enhancing the algorithm

Omicrons task is to refine and fine-tune the PMU algorithm, so that the sensors get even more precise in discriminating between actual faults and vibrations caused of, for example, a turnout. When enough data have been collected, Omicron will be able to develop a machine learning-algorithm that further enhance the PMU performance. When this is done, and we have customised the PMU housing design for the harsh environment at a railroad vehicle, the sensor is ready for market introduction.

Cicor Group:

The Cicor Group is an international electronics provider that produce innovative and reliable solutions for demanding applications in medical, aerospace and defence, automotive, communication, industrial, watches market and consumer markets.Cicor manufactures and develosp highly complex printed circuit boards and hybrid circuits and offers complete outsourcing-services for electronic assembly and plastic injection molding as well as printed electronics.

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